The Dahlias are four circus artists who bring together a broad set of specialties and a combined 40 years of artistic/performance experience in circus.  We have been training and performing together for years and while we all share a passion for the circus, we each bring a unique collection of skills and experience to the stage.

We pride ourselves on not only providing high caliber, top notch cirque performance but also on collaborating with clients to envision entertainment experiences and curate the perfect program. Beyond individual circus acts, we offer entertainment as one coordinated, cohesive ensemble. The Dahlias can be booked in combinations of our solo, duo, and group acts with custom costuming or choreography. 



Specialties: Aerial silks, aerial loops, straps, lyra, cyr wheel

Nina grew up in studying dance at the University of South Florida, and performed professionally until one day, she met a Ukrainian acrobat who was cast in one of the same shows. She soon found herself training under his circus family and traveling the world performing aerial silks. After that, she moved to the Bay Area in 2010 where she continued training in aerial arts as well as contortion and cyr wheel. Nina loves circus because it “embraces and celebrates our differences. The more you learn to make the most of your quirks--the things that might make it challenging for you to succeed in other performance arts--the more interesting you are as a circus performer.”



Specialties: Single point trapeze, lyra, flying trapeze, contortion

Christine has been training, performing and teaching circus arts over 12 years. She specializes in Single Point Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Flying Trapeze, Double Aerial, and contortion/acrobatics. Christine has performed at various resorts around the world and has been teaching and performing in San Francisco since 2010. Christine started at the Trapeze School in New York on flying trapeze and quickly fell in love with all things circus. After traveling to perform with Club Med, Christine came to San Francisco, where loves to share her passion coaching both recreational and professional students. She teaches flying trapeze, aerial hoop and silks, and flexibility/contortion at the Circus Center SF, Aerial Artique, SF Pole and Dance, at local elementary/junior high schools, and also at a school for students on the autism spectrum and/or with learning disabilities.



Specialties: Contortion, hand balancing, lyra

Teri took her first contortion class with Serchmaa Byamba at San Francisco’s Circus Center in 2007, but bendiness has always been in her blood. She spent her twenties practicing and teaching yoga in the U.S. and abroad, including winning a few yoga competitions. To Teri, circus is a journey of self discovery, which has taught her that miracles can happen. Teri teaches private and small group classes for strength and flexibility in San Francisco and via video call. Outside of circus, her life pretty much revolves around her husband and furbaby, the adorable cat, Sterling.



Specialties:  Aerial silks, single-point trapeze, aerial chains, flying silks

Angela started learning aerial silks and trapeze in 2009 at the Athletic Playground in Emeryville, CA. After seeing a performer on silks at a showcase there, she decided to try out an aerial class, and hasn't stopped since then. Angela’s first coaches were Sarah and Rain of the Paper Doll Militia, whose emphasis on character and expression heavily influenced her focus on performance and act creation. Angela soon began performing with a number of production companies in the Bay Area. She has taught and performed aerial silks at Athletic Playground, Kinetic Arts Center, Ascend Aerial Arts, Poletential, the SF Circus Center, and Aerial Artique. She loves helping to make the aerial arts accessible to brand new students and seeing their personal journey as they achieve things they never thought were physically possible.

Photo credit: Elisa Reed Photography